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Hi and thank you for visiting the page! My name is Andrea and my goal is to help young athletes build confidence in themselves. The more confidence an athlete has in their abilities, the more likely they are to achieve their goals and open the door for more opportunities.

Growing up, I suffered from low self-esteem in competitive settings. My running career did not start out glamorous, and it took a lot of hard work, determination, and belief in myself to get where I am today. My deep dive into self-growth, specifically centered around confidence, started a couple years ago and I'm so glad I took the steps to break the cycle. The work I've done to enhance my confidence in athletics has made me a more confident individual overall.


I have 16 years of competitive running under my belt, including 4 years running for The Ohio State University, and five years running as an elite trail runner. Throughout my career, I've had the pleasure of working with various coaches with differing philosophies, and a plethora of experience. In 2016, I started coaching cross country and track at the high school level. While I was there, I attended various clinics including Jay Johnson's coaching clinic in 2018. My individual coaching started 5 years ago and in the spring of 2021, I helped to found the Dukes Youth Club, which teaches the fundamentals of running for children ages 5-17. I am also a ASFA certified coach and up to date on USATF SafeSport certification. Running With Confidence was founded in July of 2021 and I couldn't be more happy to work with people to achieve their athletic goals!

Since graduating college, I've coached myself and experimented with various coaching practices. I'm a true believer in my own training program and am an example that this training truly does work. I transformed myself from a runner who specialized in the 3k-6k XC, to an elite runner in the trail racing world. Race highlights are below.

  • San Diego Rock 'n' Roll 2017: 1:21:48, 11th place; San Diego, CA
  • La Luz 9 miler 2017: 1:46, 2nd place; Albuquerque, NM
  • Red Hot 33k 2018: 2:48, 2nd place; Moab, UT
  • Cedro Peak Half Marathon 2018: 1:36, 1st place, CR, Tijeras, NM
  • Jemez Mountain 50k 2018: 5:38; 3rd place; Los Alamos, NM
  • Mount Taylor 50k 2018: 5:52; 1st place; Grants, NM
  • Black Canyon 60k 2019: 4:53; 1st place, alt course CR; Black Canyon, AZ
  • Silver Rush 50 mile 2019: 8:48, 7th place; Leadville, CO
  • Canyon de Chelly 55k 2019: 5:00, 1st place, CR; Chinle, AZ
  • Red Mountain 30k 2021: 2:32; 2nd place; Irvins, UT
  • Bryce Canyon 50 mile 2021: 8:53, 1st place, CR; Bryce Canyon, UT
  • Cedro Peak Half Marathon 2021: 1:34, 1st place, CR, Tijeras, NM
  • Taos Up and Over 10k 2022: 1:07, 1st place; Taos, NM

If you're interested in listening to some of my coaching philosophy, check out this podcast interview.