Confidence Coaching


Running With Confidence is centered around the term maitri: unconditional friendship with oneself. By embracing maitri in the realm of competition, we can work together to eliminate self doubt and shatter ceilings of potential. My mission is to break the cycle of low self-esteem in young athletes so they can achieve their dreams. Through the development of confidence tools, an understanding of where a lack of confidence stems from, and the belief in maitri, athletes will grow into more confident individuals in and out of competitive settings.

Team Workshops

I have developed a workshop for high school and middle school teams. Together we will learn about the root causes of self doubt, develop individualized tools to boost confidence, and build trust within ourselves and our teammates. These workshops are designed for small group sessions throughout the competitive season.

For team pricing, please submit a contact form.

Regular Consultations

Monthly or weekly consultations are a great place to start building competitive confidence for individuals. I will work with athletes in addressing their current state of confidence and develop personalized tools for their success. Session frequency is dependent on the athlete's needs and goals.

Regular consultations start at $75 per session.

Initial Consultations

Initial consultations are the first step in building confidence. We will address the roots of insecurity, and how to break the negative cycle by developing tools to implement into the athlete's daily routine. These sessions are typically oriented around learning about where insecurities are rooted and how the athlete can become more confident.

Initial consultations start at $50 per session.

For any inquiries, please submit your information on the contact page.